Sonoran Trail


The Back Story

Challenges in this Whisper Rock Home:

  • This Whisper Rock home sat on the market for 496 days while listed with another agent  Showings were scarce and no offers were received
  • Homeowner felt previous agent was not effectively highlighting the home’s features
  • Unoccupied home in need of cleaning and freshening
  • Some deferred maintenance needed to be addressed
  • Lackluster partial staging made the home feel uninspired and uninviting

What We Did


We scheduled and supervised a thorough cleaning of the home and landscape cleanup. Coordinated with the owner to address deferred maintenance. Reworked the staging using the pieces that the owner had previously added and turned our focus to presenting indoor/outdoor living. We brought in additional furnishings and accessories to lighten the appearance of dark spaces and to give life to rooms previously empty, including the casita, which had often been overlooked with the previous listing. We also styled all the exterior spaces to express the versatility this Whisper Rock home offered.


Conducted an extensive marketing campaign promoting this Whisper Rock home using social media, direct mail, video and 3D immersive virtual reality photography to get this home sold. We conducted an extensive campaign focused on the Western Canadian provinces where we knew there would be interest. We arranged for the property to be included on a large regional open house tour for brokers, and won the “Best of Show” award, which provided  additional marketing opportunities.


In 38 days, we received multiple offers, the house went under contract and sold to a Canadian family for 97% of the listing price at $1,958,000.

What The Seller Had To Say About the Experience

Jordan’s broad experience in the business world gives him a unique perspective as a real estate professional. He sees the bigger picture at all times while paying attention to the details. He does not talk like a real estate broker, but remains a stickler for detail important to both sides in doing a deal. We were particularly impressed with his disciplined approach to showing our house. All important features were made known to the buyers and he was prepared with answers for all questions. Moreover, he proactively sought information to have available to share with prospective buyers. With Jordan, our house was not just another listing, but rather a home for a prospective buyer.