Jordan Ayan is a licensed Realtor with The Lifestyle Collection at Launch Real Estate. He is an experienced business professional with decades of experience and wisdom. His career has been defined by opportunities that blend emerging technology with creativity. After starting his first business, Create-It! with wife Jan, he became hooked on the excitement of business innovation and showing people the power of new technology. This passion led Jordan and Jan to several other ventures. He led the team that launched, and developed and built SubscriberMail, one of the first permission based email marketing companies, from startup to exit. He has been a frequent speaker throughout the world. He has also written four books, one of which has been translated into seven languages.

Jordan spent time mentoring fellow entrepreneurs through Take Two Partners, a consulting firm he started with Jan. Together, they coached others who were working together with their spouses, business partners or in family businesses. After being frustrated with their personal real estate experiences, they realized they could offer a different approach that brought their extensive business and marketing expertise together with Jan’s design vision, to disrupt the traditional real estate business. Along with daughter Ashley, they formed The Lifestyle Collection, to share their vision for real estate reimagined.

Throughout all of his ventures, Jordan is driven by the desire to enjoy life with his family and build meaningful businesses and strong relationships. He believes entrepreneurs fuel our economy and he is proud to be part of that movement — while making it a family affair.