Jan Ayan

Partner & Property Consultant

Phone: 602-603-0709

Email: Jan@TheLifestyleCollection.com

Jan Ayan Photo

Jan Ayan is a natural-born nurturer of businesses, clients, and family.  For over 30 years, she has developed several companies with her business partner and husband, Jordan Ayan. Together, they have grown businesses from startup to growth to exit, culminating in their current venture, The Lifestyle Collection, along with their daughter, Ashley.                                                                                     

Jan Ayan began her career in accounting before joining Jordan in their first company, Create-It!. Her attention to detail, financial expertise, and keen instincts balanced Jordan’s big- picture thinking and creativity. Jan’s involvement helped grow Create-It! into a profitable company, while still managing the business of running their growing family at home.                                                                                      

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Jan and Jordan’s partnership continued to progress. They were Internet pioneers, leading the team that built lighting.com, one of the earliest online business communities and founding SubscriberMail, one of the first permission-based email marketing companies. After growing and selling SubscriberMail, they moved to Arizona and started Take Two Partners to share their knowledge and mentor emerging entrepreneurs.

From these experiences, they discovered they could apply their marketing and business acumen to one of their passions; real estate.  Having bought and sold, as well as renovated several personal luxury properties with success, they realized there was a void. Jordan and Jan developed The Lifestyle Collection, to fill this need and offer a way for real estate to be reimagined. Jan’s talent for understanding clients and their properties provided the opportunity to build their own staging and property styling company to serve their real estate clients, and allow her creative instincts to thrive and her business acumen to shine.