North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report – Third Quarter 2018

Welcome to The North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report – Third Quarter 2018.  We publish the North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report once each quarter and a broad Scottsdale Luxury Market snapshot once a month.  If you would like to receive both of these publication the day they are released via email, please visit our subscription page

North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report – Third Quarter 2018

Welcome to the North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report – Third Quarter 2018.  This report focuses on homes priced above $1,000,000 in three zip codes in North Scottsdale – 85255, 85262 and 85266.  The data for this report comes from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service and is for the period ending September 30, 2018.

About The Publishers

The North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report – Third Quarter 2018 is published by North Scottsdale’s most innovative real estate team.  We take a very different approach to selling homes from much of the industry. We have built multiple successful businesses in the past by disrupting the traditional business models in the industries we served, and are applying this approach to real estate.  We like to say we are ‘Real Estate Reimagined’, and our clients confirm this. If you are considering selling your home, please read a few of their testimonials at the end of this report.

This issue is our largest to date, and includes market updates on key North Scottsdale luxury neighborhoods, details on homes we have recently brought to market, as well as case studies on some of our successful real estate transactions.  We also want to share some useful information from partners within the luxury home market.


As you read the North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report – Third Quarter, you will see we have great expectations for the seasonal market this year.  The trend in luxury homes closing in our market these past few months has been above previous years, and if this trend continues, we are looking at a very solid market this fall and into early next year.  To provide some perspective, the number of homes sold in July was 57 percent higher than the same period in 2017. August sales were 26 percent higher and September sales were 8% higher. This is great news as we enter the busier selling months.

What is My Home Worth?

The key question on every potential seller’s mind is, “what is my home worth in this market?”  We have some tools to help answer this question. The easiest way to find out is to visit our home valuation website.  To use this tool, simply go to our home valuation site and enter your home’s address, answer some simple, non-intrusive questions, and you will instantly receive a report like the one on the right, providing you with a home valuation range.  If you are interested in a more in-depth valuation with a higher degree of accuracy, we have statistical tools and models available to provide a comprehensive pricing picture. Just give us a call at 602-603-0708 and we will be happy to produce a complimentary one for you.

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