Lower Wash


The Back Story

Challenges in this Whisper Rock Home

  • This Whisper Rock home had previously been listed with another agent but sat virtually unnoticed on the market for 305 days with few showings and no offer 

  • Some exterior spaces were empty, and others had accessories specific to the seller’s style and taste

  • Heavy, dark furnishings detracted from the home’s stunning accents
    and positive features

  • Important rooms were unfurnished that could leave potential buyers
    wondering about how to use the space

What We Did


We rearranged the existing outdoor furniture and added additional furniture, pillows, and accessories that directed focus on the outdoor lifestyle this home offered.  We edited the entire home of taste-specific knick-knacks, art, and accessories, and added thoughtfully curated neutral, sophisticated and scale appropriate decor to lighten and brighten the space.  We also rearranged furniture and removed pieces for better flow. We added light furnishings to some rooms that were sparsely furnished. Finally, we added fresh linens and luxurious bath items and accessorized the kitchen to demonstrate it was a chef’s dream.


We had some lead time before this home went on the market which provided us with the opportunity to pre-market the home in a variety of ways.  Since the house was located at the beginning of a cul-de-sac and there was another home further into the cul-de-sac for sale, we immediately put up a “Coming Soon” sign.  Anyone considering the other home needed to drive by this home, and know it would be for sale soon. Taking this action resulted in multiple agents contacting us and requesting showings before it went on the market. We listed this property at a price higher than the previous listing.  We also did extensive social media promotion targeted at demographics we believed were potential prospects and through paid placement, had the property video flow into their news feeds.  We also used a variety of traditional marketing promotional techniques.


Multiple showings before this Whisper Rock home was listed and the home was sold the first day it was placed MLS.

Homeowner Feedback

We met with Jordan when we decided that it was time to list our home. We have had the home listed with another agent at other times and felt we needed to interview and look for more. Jordan and his team helped us to understand that there is more to selling a home these days, than just signing up  with a Realtor in the neighborhood and hoping you will get showings. WE were “all in ” on changing our home and the way it showed. WE were “all in” on being flexible for showings. We were “all in” on using every Tech avenue for our listing. Jordan and his team helped us get show ready by staging our home and removing items that were too cluttering and distracting. They helped us to become sellers and advance our thinking to the next level so that we were prepared to “let go”. We wanted to sell. The Team was very respectful of our needs because we still lived in our home. We followed their instructions to a “t” which is the reason why we sold our home the day it was listed. It is not easy letting go sometimes, but Jordan and his team were instrumental in supporting us and explaining the processes and needs for certain aspect of their listing suggestions. IT truly is a science and understanding of the people that will be purchasing in the price range in which each home is listed. This understanding of types of buyers, helped Jordan match buyers with our home . A truly amazing process when you have a realtor who understands the neighborhood,market,homes, pricing and people. Thanks to Jordan and his team we are happily in our new home, which he helped us find in a hurry, and we are successfully out of our previous home , and still in one piece. Thank you to Jan and Ashley for their precise Staging abilities and patience. We highly recommend this Team!