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Fall into winter and transform your home decor to a cozy Scottsdale retreat

Fall Home Decor

It’s hard to believe it was just a few short months ago we were writing about ideas to refresh your Scottsdale home decor for the warmer months of summer and creating your summer place. Now, with the monsoon season behind us, we can begin to dream of and look forward to the cooler, more mild days of fall and winter here in the Sonoran Desert.

The colorful, yet early sunset evenings conjure up images of weekend nights wrapped in throw blankets toasting s’mores over the firepit under clear, twinkling skies. Our daily routine shifts to hot morning coffee or tea, closed-toed shoes and an evening cocktail sitting near the fireplace. This change in weather encourages and nudges us to set aside our summer house and begin planning for our winter home.  Our natural instinct is to hunker down and snuggle up and there are many subtle, yet simple ways of achieving a warm inner glow for both you and your home.


We like to begin the process of updating our home decor with fragrance as it is one of the least expensive, yet most effective ways to create a feeling of change. One new find that we just love is Archipelago’s Botanica de Havana Batch Blended candle. The spicy and exotic notes will make you want to invite the cooler months into your home, just so you can enjoy the delightful scent of this candle.  Available in a variety of sizes, the scent is also offered as a reed diffuser.

Another favorite is Capri Blue’s Volcano. Offered in a variety of jar colors, styles and sizes, although tropical, the warm undertones of this scent convey the message that fall or winter is  here. Other Capri Blue Volcano scents are delivered in diffuser oil, soap, body wash, hand cream, hand wash, eau de parfum, lotion and room spray; truly something for everyone including travel sizes.


Did someone say textiles? We sure hope so because what isn’t to like about a cozy throw, a snuggly robe or some comfy slippers?  Luxe faux fur is an economical way to enjoy the cooler Scottsdale temperatures with great style and transform your home decor into the perfect winter haven. Offering robes, slippers, throws, and pillows, our favorite collection can be found at Restoration Hardware.

For those who prefer something even more luxe, but also with a more luxe price tag, is Restoration Hardware’s cashmere line. Offering robes, slippers, throws and pillows, this line will warm even the coldest night.


Low-light or HOA restrictions for coach lights and landscape lighting does not mean we can’t add other permissible ambient light around our Scottsdale properties adding to the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. There are many options from which to choose, ranging from bistro lights strung across patios and courtyards, to trees draped with lights, or even hanging from branches.

One of our favorite and easy ways to update our outdoor home decor and add ambient light is with the abundant use of outdoor lanterns. For our own property, we selected a collection we liked, and purchased several in a variety of sizes. We have them grouped on our outdoor dining table, tucked into landscape, and several acting as a warm glow of welcome at our front entry. Although it requires a bit of diligence, each quarter we round them up, bring them inside, install fresh batteries, and re-set the timers to align with the change in sunset times throughout each season.

Our favorite place to find lanterns is at Pottery Barn. Offering a wide range of styles and sizes, there is sure to be something for everyone, and you can take advantage of the substantial discounts offered during their sales.


One of our most favorite and relaxing activities during the cooler “in season” months is sitting by the fire, with a cocktail or glass of wine, catching up on the day’s events.  Unlike when we lived in the midwest, fireplace maintenance is simpler, but not entirely free from attention.  At the beginning of each new season, we make it a habit to replace the batteries in the remote starter as well as the igniter.  Although we typically have to replace the batteries again at least once during the season, at least we begin with a good maintenance habit. When something does go wrong, our go to provider is Arizona Fireplaces.


Here are ten hot cocktails to try for cool winter nights.  If you prefer wine, then you’ll love this fun list of 14 winter wines to enjoy.

Cozy fall beverages to enjoy after you have spruced up your Scottsdale home decor

Winter wines to enjoy in North Scottsdale

If you have some cool weather favorites, we would love to learn about them.  Find us and follow us on Facebook at Scottsdale Luxury Property, on Instagram @jordan_ayan, visit our website, or connect the old-fashioned way at 630.740.1919.  We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have decided it is time to sell your home, or are looking to buy a new home, we hope you will consider The Lifestyle Collection.  When we style your home for sale, we take the season and all of these elements into consideration to make sure your home looks memorable when we put it on the market.

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