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Scottsdale Real Estate Sales - News and Data

Scottsdale Real Estate Sales

ByJordan AyanAug 19, 2020
Current Scottsdale real estate sales tell an interesting story.
Scottsdale Real Estate Inventory is at an all time low

Scottsdale Real Estate Inventory

ByJordan AyanAug 6, 2020
In one month Scottsdale Real Estate Inventory will be depleted (sort of).
Cave Creek Real Estate For Sale

Cave Creek Homes for Sale Now

ByJan AyanJul 31, 2020
Interested in learning more about living in Cave Creek?

Whisper Rock Lot For Sale – But Not Now

ByJordan AyanJul 14, 2020
What is a buyer to do when they want to buy but it isn’t for sale?
Scottsdale Real Estate Sales Are Strong

Scottsdale Real Estate Sales Are Strong

ByJordan AyanJul 7, 2020
Scottsdale real estate trends point to a solid comeback.
What Scottsdale Home Buyers are looking for in today's market

What Scottsdale Home Buyers Are Looking For

ByJordan AyanJul 2, 2020
We discussed what Scottsdale buyers are looking for now.
Whisper Rock Real Estate Update

Whisper Rock Real Estate Update

ByJordan AyanJun 15, 2020
Whisper Rock market update – what is selling?
Is there a best time of year to sell a home - read this post for the answer

The Best Time of Year to Sell

ByJordan AyanMay 31, 2020
Is there a best time of year to sell a house in Scottsdale?
North Scottsdale Real Estate Snapshot

Scottsdale Real Estate Update

ByJordan AyanMay 15, 2020
North Scottsdale Real Estate Snapshot.