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Get to know the Lifestyle Collection team

We bring together the talents of business,
marketing, and design to redefine luxury real estate.

As seasoned business professionals, we bring a unique perspective to luxury real estate.

With decades of experience in business and marketing and a personal history of luxury home ownership, we understand the nuances of luxury property transactions. Our experience as buyers and sellers in varying market conditions inspired us to start The Lifestyle Collection.

We have successfully launched multiple businesses, including a digital marketing technology firm that was acquired by a public company. Our team delivers world-class service and results, and we are proud to offer our expertise through our extensive network and connections in markets worldwide.

Partner with us and experience a new level of luxury real estate.

lifestyle collection team jordan ayan
Partner & Realtor

Jordan Ayan

Jordan Ayan is a licensed Realtor with The Lifestyle Collection at Launch Real Estate. He is an experienced business professional with decades of experience and wisdom.

Jordan Ayan is a licensed Realtor with The Lifestyle Collection at Launch Real Estate, powered by Compass. He is a seasoned business professional with decades of expertise and wisdom. His career has been defined by opportunities that blend emerging technology with creativity. After starting his first business, Create-It!, with his wife Jan, he became captivated by the excitement of business innovation and demonstrating the power of new technology to people.

Jordan became a highly respected and sought-after global speaker and consultant. This knowledge and passion led Jordan and Jan to build several other ventures, including SubscriberMail, one of the first permission-based email marketing companies, which was later sold to a Fortune 500 company. Jordan also led the team that launched, one of the earliest online business communities.

In addition to his business success, Jordan has written four books, one of which has been translated into seven languages. Following the sale of SubscriberMail, Jordan and Jan moved to Arizona in 2010 and spent time mentoring fellow entrepreneurs through Take Two Partners, a consulting firm they created. Together, they coached others who were working with their spouses, business partners, or in family businesses.

Frustrated with their personal real estate experiences, Jordan and Jan realized they could offer a unique approach for buyers and sellers that blended their extensive business and marketing expertise with Jan’s design vision, aiming to reimagine the traditional real estate business. Along with their daughter Ashley, they formed The Lifestyle Collection to share their vision for real estate and lifestyle.

Throughout all of his endeavors, Jordan is driven by the desire to enjoy life with his family, build meaningful businesses, and cultivate strong relationships. He believes that entrepreneurs fuel our economy, and he is proud to be part of that community.

lifestyle collection team jan ayan
Partner & Property Consultant

Jan Ayan

Jan Ayan is a natural-born nurturer of businesses, clients and family. For over 30 years, she has developed several companies with her business partner and husband, Jordan.

For over 30 years, Jan has worked with and supported her business partner and husband, Jordan, while developing multiple successful companies. Together, they have grown businesses from startup to growth to exit, including being the founders of their current venture, The Lifestyle Collection, along with their daughter, Ashley.

Jan began her career in accounting before joining Jordan in their first company, Create-It!. Her attention to detail, financial expertise, and keen instincts balanced Jordan’s big-picture thinking and creativity. Jan’s involvement helped Jordan grow Create-It! into a profitable company, all while managing the demands of running their growing family and participating in volunteer activities.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Jan and Jordan’s business partnership continued to expand, leading the team that built, one of the earliest online business communities. They also founded SubscriberMail, one of the first permission-based email marketing companies. Their client roster included top-tier clients such as Apple, Harley Davidson, Xerox, and sports teams including the Chicago Bulls, The Blackhawks, and Chicago Fire. After growing and selling SubscriberMail to a public company, they moved to Arizona in 2010 and started Take Two Partners to share their expansive business knowledge and mentor emerging entrepreneurs.

From their experiences, Jordan and Jan discovered they could apply their marketing and business acumen to one of their passions: real estate. They realized there was a void in the marketplace, so along with their daughter, Ashley, they developed The Lifestyle Collection to address this need and offer a process for reimagining real estate and its lifestyle.

Jan and Ashley’s talent for understanding clients and their properties provides the opportunity to help sellers prepare their homes for the market to appeal to a broad range of buyers. Additionally, their backgrounds in design and marketing have allowed them to produce award-winning collateral.

For buyers, Jan’s ability to interpret their objectives allows them to discover and fully realize their lifestyle goals in the community, neighborhood, and home that is right for them.

lifestyle collection team ashley ayan hashimoto
Partner & Relationship Consultant

Ashley Ayan Hashimoto

Ashley brings her expertise of marketing, interior design, creativity, and organizational skills to build the branding and styling efforts of the Lifestyle Collection.

Ashley is the daughter and business partner of Jordan and Jan Ayan, who shares their passion for luxury real estate. Growing up in the excitement and challenges of building successful businesses, Ashley developed a keen eye for identifying new opportunities for growth.

After earning her degree in Marketing and Merchandising from The University of Missouri, Ashley joined SubscriberMail, her family’s permission-based email marketing company. Her sharp marketing skills and savvy business acumen were critical to her client work with top-tier clients, including Apple, Harley-Davidson, and Xerox.

Seeking a new challenge, Ashley relocated to Arizona in 2010 and teamed up with award-winning interior designer Jennifer Adams, founder and CEO of Jennifer Adams Home. Her creative talents and organizational skills were put to use in assisting the company’s operations, branding, marketing, and video content. She styled several national magazine features and aided in the creation of a weekly design series that was seen on Better Homes & Gardens TV.

While at Jennifer Adams Home, Ashley honed her property staging and styling abilities, becoming skilled in creating luxurious and inviting living spaces. Seeking another creative opportunity, Ashley proposed to Jordan and Jan they try renovating a home. After tackling a large-scale project on a property in Central Phoenix, the family focused their sites on the luxury real estate market. She now provides marketing and client services as part of The Lifestyle Collection team.

In her personal life, Ashley resides in Cave Creek and enjoys spending time with her husband, Keaka, and their young son, Kai. She also enjoys local and international travel and tackling projects around their home.

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