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As the saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  But what if you can’t? For those of us who live in the Sonoran Desert full time, during these long, hot summers, we usually spend more time indoors.  Whether you have lived in Arizona your entire life, or are recently transplanted, most of us have devised our own methods for keeping ourselves as cool as possible as the summer months wear on, and one of our favorite ways of keeping cool is by creating a summer place, or what we call “Scottsdale Summer Decor”.  Since June 21st marks the official start of summer, with our long season here in Arizona there is still plenty of time to create your own summer place. Just as many of us decorate for various holidays providing us with a sense of contentment, creating a seasonal home can be just as uplifting and soothing.

The impression we have about our environment is formed by the way our homes look, feel, and smell.  Shedding the heavier layers of fall and winter for a lighter influence will go a long way toward making your home feel fresh and inviting, even on the hottest days of summer.  Here are some tips and products we use to create our summer place.


Introduce citrus or tropical home fragrances for their soothing aromas.  We particularly like Tommy Bahama Paradise Blends Maui Mango Diffuser. This product not only lasts a long time, but its fragrance will transport you right to the tropics.

For another beach inspired fragrance, Archipelago candles deliver beautiful aromas throughout the room.  We particularly like the Wailea Candle, perhaps because we used to live in Wailea!

If you prefer citrus over tropical try their Positano fragrance, bringing the sensations of Italy’s Amalfi coast right to your home.

All of these fragrances are offered as both candles and diffusers to suit your particular style.

Summer in Scottsdale with the scent of Hawaii
Scottsdale Summer Decor -


We love cool, crisp, white bed linens. So much so that we use them year round, but we do keep our fur throws close by, keeping us warm on cool nights. However, once the weather turns warmer, we swap them out for lighter, linen throws. Although we don’t actually “use” them, we drape them over chairs, sofas or the end of the bed, giving rooms a cool and airy feel. Our favorite is this one from Pom Pom at Home

Summer outdoors in Scottsdale

Offered in a variety of light colors and at several retailers including Nordstrom and One King’s Lane, these provide a touch of refreshing elegance to an otherwise hot and unrefreshing summer day.


This year we did something more dramatic with our summer place, removing our year-round master bedroom draperies and replacing them with something lighter.  Taking only a few minutes to swap out, we love the breezy look and feel, reminding us of our youthful summers spent on a lake when we slept by open windows with billowing curtains.  We found our summer look draperies at Pottery Barn.

If you have even more energy to lighten your home’s mood, consider rolling up those darker, heavier area rugs, and replacing them with easy care indoor/outdoor replacements.  This is a good time to have those winter versions picked up for professional cleaning and once returned, they can be stored neatly at the back of the garage, until you’re ready to use them again.  We have had great luck with the many area rug selections offered at Front Gate or Pottery Barn.

Summer outdoors in Scottsdale

Summer outdoors in Scottsdale


Spring and summer months are traditionally when many of us like to refresh our outdoor spaces as well. We enjoy barbecues with friends and family and lazy pool days, one sure way to help minimize Arizona’s summer heat. To prepare for this time of year, we give everything outdoors a thorough cleaning, wiping down all of our outdoor accessories and changing the batteries on our timed outdoor candles. Next, we clean all of the outdoor furniture, including our barbecue.

Our favorite vendor for this tough task is the Barbecue Doctor. They make everything old like new again, returning barbecues to their sparkling origins.  In addition to their thorough cleaning, they also offer repair services, total restoration, and installations.


From time to time, we also like to replace our exterior doormats.  Although we keep a traditional welcome mat at the front door, for our side and accent doors, we enjoy seeing something more whimsical or colorful for the summer months.  Some inexpensive ones to consider can be found at Target as well as West Elm.

Summer outdoors in Scottsdale

Add Pillows and Towels to your Scottsdale Summer Decor

Another fun way to create and refresh your outdoor summer place is with colorful pool towels and throw pillows. From Costco to Frontgate, they offer selections to fit most every budget.

Towles to brighten your Scottsdale hom this summer
Pillows to up your Scottsdale Summer decor

And finally, when our children were growing up, summer was not only signaled by the close of the school year, but by the hanging of the summer bunting which remained in place through the Labor Day weekend.  There are a variety of styles to choose from and some of our favorites can be found on Pottery Barn’s Summer Bunting page.

bunting for your Scottsdale home from Pottery Barn

Now is an excellent time to create your summer place to take advantage of the seasonal sales being offered by many retailers. For those of you who already prepare a seasonal home, and for those of you just getting started, we would love for you to tell us about your summer place ideas. Please send an email with your suggestions to Jan@TheLifestyleCollection.com .We would be delighted to share them with all of our followers and readers.

If you have decided it is time to sell your home, or are looking to buy a new home, we hope you will consider The Lifestyle Collection.  When we style your home for sale, we take the season and all of these elements into consideration to make sure your home looks memorable when we put it on the market.

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